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When you hear Poland, you might not immediately think of it as a travel destination, which is a pity because of its vast cultural heritage and natural beauty.
This fascinating country has a large number of interesting travel destinations, each with its own cultural background. Besides the historic sites, Poland boasts an endless number of natural landscapes, many of them in their pristine state, waiting to be discovered. The Tatra Mountains, the highest mountains in Poland, have resemblance with the Alps, yet with unique characteristics that make this beautiful, mountainous landscape an ideal destination to be explored.
Due to its historical heritage, it's beautiful nature, the spirit of the Polish that are full of life and initiative, Poland is a must-see country, with each of the big cities’ unique atmospheres with lots of young people. Places that are alive until late in the night.

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Poland hotels, country inns and B&Bs

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Poland - where to go

In the beautiful landscape of the Nowogródek Pomorski the hilly fields stretch in gentle waves as far as the eye can see. Large, dense forests with giant trees, wide rivers and mountains make the countryside unique and special.
The Slowinski National Park is known for its 40 meters high dunes, separating the Lebsko and Gardno Lakes from the Baltic Sea. Climbing atop the dunes you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the blue sea and the golden sand.
In the capital Warsaw the influences of historic events, from having been dragged between many empires and regimes over many centuries, to the influence of WWII and the period of Soviet leadership, are ever present. Today Warsaw has become a city with different styles and aspects, most noted when comparing the east and the west of the city. Besides world class restaurants, some of Europe's best bars and cute little cafés, you can also enjoy scenic parks, galleries and many other things to discover.

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